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I like reading, gaming, and sleeping (⭒ ์ ⲳ ์ )

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I am NOT a translator, I upload and buy chapters from Renta
90% of everything here is NSFW (not safe for work)
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˗ˏˋ꒰ ongoing series - josei ꒱
No use in arguing, you're my wife! -Being pursued by a male 12 years younger
Don't Think I'm That Easy.
Brought to My Knees with a Kiss -My Returnee Cousin Teases Me with His Hot Fingertips
Promise You Forever ~ An Unarranged Marriage with My Boss
A Childhood Friend, Now A Bartender, Offers Me Potent Lessons In Love
Stockholm Seduction -Entranced By Your Innocence-
Make Me Hard -My Boss Doesn't Know How to Go Easy on Me-
I'm Not the Boy You Remember -My Housekeeper Has Trouble Keeping the Sheets Clean-
Stuck On My Stepbrother, Can't Escape This Paralyzing Love -I Love You, Shun…-
Turned on by Her Tears! -Her Boring Fellow Teacher's a Super-Aggressive Stud
I Matched With Our Company President -Dating For Marriage Is Sweet And Serious-
The Soft And Fluffy Wolf Is Too Intense -You're The Only Woman For Me-
I Became a Girl and My Girlfriend's Twin Brother Is Having His Way with Me!
Mr. Nagayama's Swaddling Love -A Single Mother Lets Her Guard Down When She's Coddled-
The Theory Behind Dating -Genuine Pleasure in a 96% Match-
His Lips Melt My Heart -The Charismatic Cosmetic Casanova-
Unmatched Passion With My Huge Boss -I Could Die For His Technique In Bed
I Could Just Eat You Up My Lil' Cutie -A Bad Boy's Relentless Infatuation-
Nothing Feels Better than Being Inside of You -Wild Sex Right after the Reunion-
15 Years Old: Starting Today We'll Be Living Together
Secret Sadistic CEO and His Special Secretary -An Absolute Beast During Sex-
Sorry, But Can I Go All Out? -Cohabitation Fun with My Unrivaled Colleague-
Servitude to Master Ur -Auctioned in a Distant Land for a Million Dollars
This Blond is Too Greedy! He Turned My Whole Body Into Chaos and Loved My Moles
Once Isn't Enough! Mr. Wolf Can Go All Night -Beasts Are Insatiable...!-
You Turn Me On Non-Stop -My Appetite for My Wife Is Incredible
The Beauty is a Beast!? An Uptown Guy and a Downtroden Girl
He Wants Me All To Himself -A Younger Man's Obsessive Love-
Mandatory Matrimony -A Hot Working Guy and a Cold Office Girl-
My Boss Comforted My Broken Heart -His Tongue Is So Forceful-
My XL Size Boss Is Giving Me Pleasure With Toys Again Today
You Can Leave If You Want -Paying the Rent with My Body-
Show Me Your Ecstasy -Our Bodies Are a Perfect Match~
Top Class Alpha X Omega In Heat: You're My Destiny
His Twisted Tastes -My Saintly Lover Is Actually a Fiend!-
Little Red Riding Hood Dreams of Her Own Big Bad Wolf
Caught in the Act! -I'll Show You Your True Nature-
But... I Thought You Were a Sweet, Shy Beta Boy!
Innocent Virgin At The Whims Of A Silver Lion
Bad Boy -Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves
He's an Animal When He's Out of Uniform
There's No Escaping From My Clutches!
The Guy I'm into Is a You-Know-What!
Triangle Love To Love and Be Loved
The Real Pleasure of an Older Man
My Secret with the Girl Next Door
The Beast Beneath the Skirt
Black Cat Boyfriend
The Brokenhearted Girl Is Now Popular With Younger Guys! -Living In Unparalleled Pleasure With Men Who Are Raring To Go-

˗ˏˋ꒰ ongoing series - bl ꒱
Teach Me More, Incubus
When the Fur Flies
The Prince's Collar
The Alpha Doctor Falls In Love With A Guinea Pig
Omega At Dawn -This Cat Doesn't Need A Mate!-
Forbidden Love -Therianthropic Omegaverse-
There's no way we're done after cumming!
Fooling Around While The Zombies Roam
Love at First Sight with Your Cute Nipples
Taken Captive By Two Former Classmates
Lightning In Spring
The Eternal Spark Of Our Love
The Wet King Dreams Of Arabian Nights
What Boys In Love Want To Do
Kabukicho Bad Trip
Wooed By A Monster And A Snake Spirit
Detested by the Demon Lord
I'm Not Selling My Virginity!
My Co-Dependent Bloom
How To End a Fairy Tale
Reward Me with Your Body, Sir
A Gift from Santa Claus
Two Hot Bachelors
I Adopted A Stray Incubus!

˗ˏˋ꒰ ongoing series - shoujo ꒱
Journey to Another World Filled with Alcohol and Fruit
Please Teach Me How to Dress Like a Girl!
Are Villains Not Allowed To Fall In Love?
Beating the Heroine at Her Own Game

˗ˏˋ꒰ ongoing series - shounen ai ꒱
A Relationship Before Becoming A Real Item

˗ˏˋ꒰ ongoing series - shounen ꒱
How the SS-Rank Sorceress Who Lost Her Voice Healed a D-Rank Adventurer Who Lost His Confidence
A Peaceful Dungeon Life

˗ˏˋ꒰ ongoing series - seinen ꒱
New Normal

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